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    Midwives Beth Coyote and Lynn Hughes along with midwives and naturopathic doctors Sara Alvarado and Abigail Nelson offer a Seattle-based midwifery practice located in Seattle's Eastlake neighborhood, specializing in home births and birth center deliveries. We do home births throughout the greater Seattle area - just ask us about your area. Waterbirth is also offered. (Watch a lovely home water birth we attended.) Our office is located at Seattle's newest birth center, Center for Birth on Eastlake.

    Highlights of our services are:

    • FREE preconception and prenatal consultation visits
    • Personalized prenatal and postpartum care by experienced midwives: prenatal appointments and lab work done at the clinic and postpartum home visits after the birth of your baby, including breastfeeding education & support.
    • Birth at home or at a local birth center (including water birth): Our midwives are privileged at Seattle Home Maternity Service Birth Center, as well as Seattle's premiere birth center, Center for Birth on Eastlake where our office is located. We attend home births throughout Seattle as well as the greater Seattle - King County area.
    • Sara Alvarado also offers naturopathic medical care for any problems or health concerns that fall outside of regular prenatal care and offers pediatric newborn and well-child care, as well as reproductive health care and annual exams at our Eastlake office. See her web site for more information.
    • Acupuncturist Jasmine Bay is available on site for treatment of morning sickness, breech presentation, and labor induction.

    We accept most insurance plans and Medicaid.

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    It's not too late to switch to midwifery care!
    Thinking of transferring to midwifery care? Maybe you'd like to have your baby at Seattle's new birth center, Center For Birth, or perhaps you'd like a home birth? We have space in April and May and a few openings in June. Read more>

    Watch this lovely waterbirth!

    Baby Boy 3/7
    Baby Boy 3/2
    Romina 3/1
    Baby Boy 2/25
    Baby Girl 2/21
    River Lennon 2/3
    Baby Boy 2/1
    Malcom Aaron 1/29
    Fiona Herron 1/24
    Esme Hannah 1/21
    Nathaniel Espana 1/18
    Alfred Thomas 1/17
    Leo Fish 1/16
    Dmitri Castro 1/15
    Luna Pilar 1/10
    Ali 1/8
    Baby Boy 1/8
    Jane Isabelle 1/5
    Nusaybah 12/26
    Oscar George 12/20
    Emerson Cypress 12/4
    Matthew Cauthon 12/3

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