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    At Rainy City Midwifery we believe that midwives and their clients have the opportunity to effect change in the world, one birth at a time. Informed parents, gentle birth practices, unmedicated mothers and babies, continuous contact and early breastfeeding can all have a lasting impact on the life and health of the family.

    • Birth is a normal part of reproductive life. Respect for the normal process of pregnancy and birth is the cornerstone of midwifery care.
    • Most births are most appropriately handled by midwives.
    • Every family deserves a midwife.
    • Birth should be a family centered experience, encompassing each client's unique beliefs and need for a safe and satisfying birth experience.
    • Mutual trust and respect develops organically through the flow of information between midwife and client.

    "Children are our vehicles for survival - for in them there is hope, and through them what has been, and what will be will not only be perpetrated, but also united." ~Margaret Mead